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Background & Business Activities

    RepFam Consulting represents Family thru Consultation. Together with our Customers, We design short-term & long-term strategies to achieve the most profitable performance. 

    Our Client Base spans market industries including Art, Auto Repair, Car Care, Charitable Work, Concierge Service, Entertainment, Fashion, Film, Finance, Food, Graphic Design, Hauling, Health, Home Improvement, Investment, Job Placement, Landscaping, Lawn Care, Magic, Merchandise, Movies, Moving, Music, Non-Profits, Photography, Production, Public Relations, Real Estate, Sound Recording, Transportation, Travel & Utilities. 

    Our specialists adapt to customers' explicit unique requirements. This goal is achieved through solid partnership with steadfast product vendors such as Apple, Amazon & Google Play. This enables RepFam to incorporate the most effective solution to your business requirements.

RepFam Consulting History Highlights (Entertainment & Media Division):

2017: Launched WRF Radio.

2016: Released Greg Bugsy Album Obama Nation in All Digital Stores.

2016: Opened RF Studios Maryland Location @ , Baltimore, MD.
2015: Released Murda Mamii Album Realer Than a Realist in All Digital Stores.

2015: Opened Represent Family Store, Maryland Location @ 211 East Patapsco Ave, Brooklyn, MD.

2014: Launched Sitdown With Greg Bugsy.

2014: Promoted Several Successful Concerts at Club Paparazzi in Baltimore,MD.

2013: Promoted Several Successful Concerts at Friends Bar & Grill in Essex,MD.

2013: Signed Baltimore Rapper Murda Mamii.

2012: Signed Baltimore Rapper Niecey Boo.

Launched The RepFam Radio Show.

Entered into partnership with Hardbody Radio.

2012: Consulted Baltimore Rapper/Radio Personality Skippa.

2011: Promoted several successful concerts/parties at "Club Wozi's" in Baltimore.

: Consulted New York Rapper Work aka DJ Ima-Do-Dis.

2011: Entered into partnership with New York based Full Stereo Recordings.

Consulted Baltimore Rapper Yao.

2010: Baltimore Comedian Joe Recca was a guest on the Monique Show.

Signed Baltimore Rap Group Black Mob. Signed Baltimore Rapper Eastwood. Signed Baltimore Rapper 3-D.

2009: Entered partnership with Ruckus Recording Facility.

2009: Signed Baltimore Rapper Yadamean, Signed Baltimore Rapper Nephew.

2009: Entered into partnership with Say Ayo Productions. 

2008: Signed Baltimore Rapper B-City. Signed Baltimore R&B Singer/Songwriter/Producer J-Rome. Signed Baltimore Rapper Lil Mossburg.

2008: Entered into partnership with Warzone Entertainment.

2008: Entered into partnership with Jimmy's Auto Repair Shop.

2008: Launched repfam.com. 

2008: Launched Repertoire Clothing Company. 

Released the historic Rep.Fam.Mixtape "Rep or Die".

Promoted several succesful concerts/parties at "The Railsyde Club" & "The Fire House" in West Virginia.

2007: Promoted 1st Ever Repertoire Family Reunion/Bugsy Birthday Bash

Signed Buddhist Queen/Singer Jetsunma

2007: Signed 2Pac's Former Artist/Baltimore Rapper MouseMan. Signed Baltimore Rap Group Crookid Wayz.

2007: Entered into partnership with Baltimore/Oakland based record label We Deep Entertainment.

2006: Signed New York Rapper Syn.

Entered into partnership with New York Based Production Company Kronic Beatz.

2006: Signed Baltimore Rapper Mike Bugsy.

Entered into partnership with Baltimore based record label Loyalty Entertainment.

2005: Consulted Baltimore Rapper Little Clayway. Consulted Baltimore Rapper April Love. Consulted DJ/Producer DJ Fontaine. 

Entered into partnership with Baltimore/Atlanta based record label Clayway Records.

Signed West Virginia Rapper Boone. Signed West Virginia Rapper C-Dro.

2005: Entered into partnership with West Virginia based record label 6Keys Enterprise.

2004: Joe Recca wins BET'S Coming To The Stage.

2004: Baltimore Comedian Joe Recca is featured on BET's Coming To The Stage.

2004: Signed Baltimore Comedian Joe Recca.

2002-2004: Promoted several successful concerts at "The Talking Head Club" in Baltimore. 

Promoted the historic "First Hip-Hop Concert Ever at The Ottobar" in Baltimore featuring Baltimore Hip-Hop Legends Tim Trees, Little Clayway, Shank, The Rep.Fam. & More.

Entered into partnership with Baltimore based promotions company M.A.D. Promotions.

2002: Signed Baltimore R&B Singer/Songwriter Lia "SongBird" Michele . 

2001: Signed West Virginia Rap Group Mac & Freeze.

1998: Signed Baltimore Rapper Ice da Tech. Signed Baltimore Rapper Smooth da Don. Signed Baltimore Rapper Boney Slim. Signed Baltimore Rap Group 2 Part Trilogy(Boney Slim, Greg Bugsy, Ice da Tech, Mysterious Terror, Siesta, Smooth da Don)

1997: Signed Baltimore Rapper Siesta. Signed Baltimore Rapper Mysterious Terror. Signed Baltimore Rapper Greg Bugsy. Signed Baltimore Rap Group The Trinity(Greg Bugsy, Mysterious Terror, Siesta) 

1997: Company founded.

Management & Consulting Team

  • Peter "Uncle Petey" Zawadski, Chairman
  • Greg "Bugsy" Thomas,  President/General Manager
  • Taylor "DJ TV" Thomas, Vice-President
Represent Family Consulting
49 South Main Street
Manchester, PA 17345 

Contact Info
Good or Bad, We want to hear from You. You can send Us a Private Message here and it goes directly to RepFam President Greg Bugsy Only or Email Him at gregbugsy@gmail.com. He will respond accordingly.

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